Why is customer satisfaction so important?


Taking on a contractor for a project can be a very daunting prospect. The construction companies that promise the earth in a bid to win a contract may be the very same that deliver one disappointment and setback after another. At Esquire we ensure that when taking on any project we keep all of the following in mind…..

The route to customer satisfaction goes beyond achieving what’s expected, on time and within budget. Here are four qualities we always display to keep our clients happy, and hopefully, singing our praises in the future:

1. Open, frequent communication

Always keeping the dialogue between Esquire and the client honest and regular, ensuring the customer is fully briefed on the current status of the project.

2. Punctuality

Always provide a completion date which allows for snagging works and update on progress for each stage.  We always consider how the weather may have an impact, or any potential market changes which could affect key suppliers.

3. Presentation

Aside from reducing the risk of accidents on site and improving efficiency, Esquire always maintains an orderly work process 

4. Customer service

One thing we always instill with the whole Esquire team is the importance of customer service every step of the way. That means both ease of access to online information and having a strong team who are available to talk through any questions.

Why is customer satisfaction so important? 

Paying close attention to how we interact and work with our customers is key to everything we do.  Producing the best results, on time and within budget is a must and it enables us to continue to have satisfied customers who we build long lasting relationships with. Like the Esquire moto says “One Team One Dream…. Simple!”

Jason Kirby